Stefanny Fodor

Stéfanny Fodor

real estate broker

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Stéfanny est une courtière immobilière en vue dans le grand Montréal.

Her availability, attention to detail and professionalism have made her a reference to a constantly expanding clientele of satisfied buyers and sellers. The number of properties sold by Stéfanny keeps growing and represents all segments of residential and commercial markets.


“Nous avons décidé de confier notre propriété à Stéfanny pour son énergie positive. Nous avons été rassurés par son intégrité, sa capacité de mettre en valeur notre propriété et son respect de nos désirs et disponibilités. Stéfanny a rapidement enclenché une stratégie de vente dynamique et originale. Merci d’avoir pris en charge notre propriété avec grand professionnalisme et de nous avoir donné la sensation que nous étions des clients prioritaires. Un vrai service VIP!”

Lianne C. et Jean-Mark L.

“Stéfanny est la meilleure de sa profession.”

Claudio B

“Stéfanny est une agente dévouée qui a su nous supporter dans la recherche de notre première maison. Elle a été présente à chacune des étapes nous rapprochant de notre rêve. Merci d’avoir été notre agente et amie!”

Véronique A. et Simon L.

“Grâce à son professionnalisme et son approche personnalisée, Stéfanny a rapidement gagné toute notre confiance. Nous la recommandons sans hésiter à tous nos amis.”

La famille Léonard

“Stéfanny a été très réactive et professionnelle, elle a tout mis en oeuvre pour nous aider à trouver notre “home sweet home” Montréalais. Je recommande à tous de faire appel à son dynamisme pour faciliter vos recherches”

Paul V.

As first time buyers, we were nervous about everything. Stefanny understood and made sure we were fully informed and comfortable every step of the way. She was accessible, ready to helps and even went beyond her responsibilities as our agent. The whole process went smoothly and event was enjoyable, thanks in large part to Stefanny”


Why sell with a broker?

The complexity of a real estate transaction necessitates the expertise of a broker. Real estate professional trained in a rigorous program, the broker is best placed to assist the seller in every step of the transaction. Their ability to negotiate and their network of contacts make them indispensable to sell a property. The real estate broker is the most competent and impartial person to get the best price at the best conditions.

A majority of buyers use the services of a broker. These buyers are not interested in houses that are sold by the owner, as their broker will not support them in the buying process. Doing business with a real estate broker also allows greater visibility among buyers. With a real estate broker, the owner saves time, prevents errors and has peace of mind.

The protection of a broker

Using the services of a real estate broker provides legal protection to the seller. The Real Estate Brokerage Act ensures a fair and professional service to customers. It aims to protect the public by providing certain rules governing brokerage contracts between brokers and sellers.

The OACIQ also protects the public by regulating the practice of real estate professionals. It gives an exam to brokers for obtaining a practice certificate and it ensures that brokers work according to some regulations.

The Real Estate Indemnity Fund has the power to compensate customers if a problem arises in a real estate transaction. Whether it is a fraud, a dishonest transaction or misappropriation of funds, the Indemnity Fund protects you if you are dealing with a broker.

Brokers must also subscribe to the Professional Liability Insurance, which provides additional financial protection in case of fault, negligence or omission. This insurance covers claims and civil lawsuits.

Buy or sell first?

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.


Sell first

By selling your property before you have found another, you know the exact amount you can get from the sale. You have a clear idea of the budget you have for the purchase of a new residence.

You may feel the urgent need to find a new house. However, remember that you have all the information needed to make a good purchase.


Buy first

By buying first, you quickly know your new address, the exact cost of your new house and the date when you become the owner. You can make use of this information when you receive an offer for your current property.

It is possible to make a purchase offer conditional to the sale of your house. If another offer is made without conditions, you need to either purchase the property before selling yours, or withdraw your offer.

Sell at the right price

Determining the right sale price is crucial to sell a property. The owner has two choices: sell the property quickly at the right price or sell it more expensive but slower. The selling price is always the most important factor in buying a property.

A real estate broker will be able to estimate the value of your property and compare it to the one of similar properties recently sold in your area.

By establishing the right price for the sale of your property, you will attract many buyers and sell your house as quickly as possible.

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